Honsetly Guys , saya seorang yang agak annoying kerana saya seorang yang banyak cakap♥

" Dont walk behind me , i may not lead " " Dont walk front of me , i may not follow " " Just walk beside me and be my friends " Thanks S'hanum

" My heart is like an open book, it depends on how you read me, don't judge me by my cover, look in and discover. I will be your true friend :) "
Thanks Mimie

P/S : jangan lupa check out post post aku yang lama . post aku boleh hilangkan boring tahu ? kalau nak tengok post yang lama , pergi klik dekat blog archive bagi yang tak tahu . Sekian ;D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

make my own event ;D

For Izzat Hanafie , Aida Syahira , Natasha Nadzer and Anis Najiha :-
Date : Maybe in April or May
Time : Unknown
Location : Secret and i dont know how to describe what type that place it is
Theme : Cartoon tee's

For 4 Bestari 2011 :-
Date : Unknown
Time : Maybe at 8am until 12pm
Location : Taman Bandar
Theme : Black and White
p/s : waiting for my speedlite nissin di622 or 800 and prime lens ;D insyaAllah !

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