Honsetly Guys , saya seorang yang agak annoying kerana saya seorang yang banyak cakap♥

" Dont walk behind me , i may not lead " " Dont walk front of me , i may not follow " " Just walk beside me and be my friends " Thanks S'hanum

" My heart is like an open book, it depends on how you read me, don't judge me by my cover, look in and discover. I will be your true friend :) "
Thanks Mimie

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Experience is The Best Teacher ;)

                       Maybe they're right , im not to perfect to be with them ;)
                                                 im a troublemaker :)
                                                        im a liar :)
                                                 im a heartbreaker :)
                                                        im sucks :)

yeah , my fault . you know what ? i have my own reason that you never know why i've done all this but my experience save me from i doing some bad thing : D hey , do you want to know my story ? come here . lets check it out :D

yesterday and yesterday and yesterday i saw a big person , wearing hacket , lil curly and short hair XD and wearing spectaculars . then , when i see him , i remember someone that i care , and that i miss . when i think again , if ' someone that i care and miss ' go and leave me alone and make me to find someone else , i will find friend just totally like ' someone that i care and miss ' . i promise i will be a good person and find another way to avoid me from make my old mistake : ) but when i keep thinking , no one can replace him/her . its to hard to find another one just totally like him/her . lastly , i stop thinking and text him/her . i say ' hey hey hey ! jom kua bnda ahad nyh ! ' . but he/she didn't reply my text :( but its okay . maybe next time we got a chance to hang out together . but im wrong . this all my fault and we never together again after that incident . so , im soryy . please find someone else that better than me . im not to perfect to be yours :') and i hope , we just a friend after this problem all over :D

- The End -
* can you imagine that i cry alone when i think about you *
* lets forget the past and start a new life *
* :') *

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